The Sanjivani Diagnostics’ Cytopathology laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility specialising in the analysis of malignancies. The division provides clinical testing, diagnostic examinations for Cytologic specimens consisting of both gynaecologic and non-gynaecologic samples. These include analysis of pap tests, body fluid evaluations and diagnostic examination of fine needle aspiration.

The Cytopathology department is strengthened by a highly experienced and skilled team of senior consultants. A committed and honest team of exceptionally trained technical staff also supports the division. Cytopathology reports at Sanjivani Diagnostics are of high international standards, and come at an affordable price tag. The department also accepts samples from sources outside sanjivani ngroup.

The laboratory ensures a short turnaround time. Extra quick processing and reporting is done for critical cases like transplants and other life threatening conditions.