Whole Body DEXA Scan Testing

Whole Body Dexa Scan in Chandigarh

Today’s accepted standard for determining the bone mineral density and body composition is DEXA scanning, an improved form of x-ray technology. Simply put, it has the ability to produce a map of the bone, fat, lean, and muscle mass in your body.


What is a DEXA scan?

Bone mineral density is measured using an advanced form of x-ray technology known as bone density scanning, also known as DEXA or bone densitometry (BMD).

The results of the DEXA scan can tell you if you have normal or abnormal bone density and can determine your risk for fractures by measuring the amount of bone in places like your hip and spine.

DEXA scanning can track the distribution of lean and fat mass throughout the entire body.

It can provide information about global and local measurements of bone, lean, and fat mass.

For those keeping tabs on their overall health, weight loss, nutrition, exercise, and rehabilitation, this can be a highly effective motivational tool.

With the knowledge gleaned from these scans, you can take steps to enhance your general health or assess your progress.


What are some common uses for the process?

This is a condition that commonly affects women after menopause but can also affect men. DEXA is most frequently used to diagnose this condition.

Osteoporosis causes the bones to progressively lose calcium and undergo structural changes that make them thinner, more brittle, and more likely to break.

DEXA scanning can help with the accurate diagnosis of this condition by measuring the bone mineral density at specific locations.


Whole body DEXA scan in Chandigarh can give you the following details from every total body scan:

  • Your total body mineral content in bone
  • Your total body weight in muscles
  • Your total mass of body fat
  • Your overall body fat percentage is calculated using your lean body mass.
  • We gauge the size of your arms, legs, and trunk muscle and fat mass.
  • Your central abdominal fat measurement is taken.
  • Many people have a very high risk of developing fat in this area.